If you want to show a friend evidence explaining why Rowdy was better in 2020 than 2019, look no further than table 4.

You might hear the words “Get Rowdy” echoed through stadiums when the 6’4”, 255lb first basemen launches baseballs to arguably record distances.

Known for his power, large stature and memorable name, Rowdy Tellez is one of many exciting players featured in an offense-heavy lineup for the blue birds north of the border. But where did Rowdy come from and how did he become the power hitter that he is today? What elements of his 2020 season will…

Spring Training is among us and the Toronto Blue Jays are back with the highest hopes of winning since the trades for Troy Tulowitzki and David Price back in 2015. Recently, in another rare occurrence, the Blue Jays signed a big free agent and solidified his spot on the roster for the next few years to come. The deal inked former Houston Astros George Springer to the largest signing in franchise history, totalling $150 million dollars over the course of 6 years. …

Sean Mais

A fan of baseball and the statistics of the game.

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